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Call for papers: International conference: Humour in the Beginning. Cultural Interaction of Laughter and the Comic in the First Phase of Asian religions, Christianity and Islam

04.03.2019 bis 07.03.2019

Soeterbeeck (Ravenstein, the Netherlands)

This conference invites scholars from different fields and academic traditions to return to the origins of Asian religions, Christianity and Islam and investigate the complex relationship between religion and humour and laughter.
Scholars are challenged to investigate the topic of religion and humour within the specific historical contexts that their sources provide. Sources include but are not restricted to (literary) prose texts, poetry and visual materials.
It is the wish of the organisers to stimulate fruitful comparisons between results of the work by scholars from humanities and colleagues from fields such as sociology and gelotology, which will also receive due attention during the conference.

250-Words abstracts for one of the sessions of the conference can be submitted from now on up to 13 October at r.dijkstra@let.ru.nl